Cara Merawat HDD baik Internal maupun HDD External.

1. Always use the option "Safe Remove Hardware"This step may seem trivial and often forgotten by users. In fact, many users themselves are recognizing that this is not important. When you plug an external hard drive and start transferring data, more data is not written correctly on the hard disk plate. These data are still left in the cache memory. When you are finished using an external hard disk, always select the option "Safe Remove Hardware". By clicking this option, all existing data in the cache memory will be removed so that existing data on the hard disk will not be damaged when you unplug its USB cable. This option is very important. On some external hard disks, the failure of the writing of data can lead to the Master Boot Record is damaged and cause the hard disk must be reformatted.
2. Do not slamIn contrast to the flash disk, external hard disk still has a mechanical component in it. These components are particularly vulnerable to collisions. During an impact is hard on the hard disk, it will definitely interfere with the mechanical components. Not a few cases resulted banged hard disk contents into shambles.Actually, you can outsmart this by buying a hard disk that has the facilities resilient.However, still you must keep your hard disk from excessive impact.

3. Keep away from liquidsSplashed by water? Maybe this sounds funny to some people.However, many cases of data loss due to the hard disk is accidentally splashed or doused with drinks. When you use an external hard disk, try not to put objects with liquid nearby. Obviously, water is the enemy of electronics items, is not it?
4. Keep away from magnetic objectsDuring the hard disk is still wearing mechanical components, then the hard disk will remain vulnerable to forced movement. A magnet can forcibly draw the mechanical components in the hard disk. This can damage the hard disk system work. Not only that, the platter in the hard disk could be damaged because of the magnetic field.

 5. Use the Y cable in order to get a good power supply
Many external hard disk that is not equipped with a USB Y cable types (two heads).Indeed, using a USB Y cable looks troublesome. However, with this type of cable is useful when you plug your external hard disk on a computer that turns the USB slot has nothad an electric groove that is still good. Lack of electricity can damage electronic workan object. This is where the Y cable into play. Plug the two heads of the Y cable to get a good flow of electricity.

6. Not too often pull out the USB cable plug
Right! Although external hard disk should be frequently used on many computers,however, often unplug the USB cable will make the USB connector is being worn.Friction against the copper can make the connector head thinned so that no contact occurs between the copper is good. This can make the power supply and data flow to be disrupted and could damage the controller.

7. Avoid placing the hard disk where it often vibrates
Excessive vibration can disrupt the work of mechanical hard disk. Even the not happen often read and write data error on the hard disk. This can lead to the hard disk stops working. Therefore, keep the hard disk of a place that often vibrates (extreme examplein the photo above: the hard disk is placed on the active speaker. Looks stupid indeed, but we never know the things one can do on your hard disk, right? )

8. Make sure the hard disk is getting good air flow
How is the intent of points on this one? I often see some people put an external hard diskunder the pillow when operated. Not only that, there are still some users who still use the pouch of thick inherent when operating the hard disk. If your external hard diskdoes not have a good dissipation solution, the hard disk in it will certainly be hot. Hard disk that has excess heat can cause damage. Therefore, try to open a congenital pouchfirst hard disk when I want to use. In addition, make sure the hard disk get adequate air flow.

9. Unplug the USB cable by pulling the plug head
If you pull the USB cable directly on the cord, this can lead to break the cable, bothresiding outside skin as well as bundles of cable in the USB cable. USB connectorspurposely made ​​thick to be drawn by its users.

10. Use a position that does not disturb the position of the USB connector
When the USB cable plugged into an external hard disk and on a USB slot on your computer, try sticking to the correct position. USB cable is plugged on your side cancause damage to the USB. Most cases are made ​​loose a USB slot. It is certainly going tosimilar results with point 6 above.